Black Friday Sale

I’m happy to announce that we will be doing a black friday sale this year.  For every 100 dollars you spend on gift certificates you receive a free Nautilus Tattoo t-shirt!

Skin & Ink Featured Shop!

I am extremely happy and very proud to have Nautilus Tattoo featured in the January 2013 issue of Skin & Ink.  They hit the shelves on November 6th.  Go and pick up a copy!

Fall 2012 Update

Hi everyone, I apologize in the delay for keeping this site updated.  Its been a crazy few months.  I’m so happy to announce that I have a new daughter.  Jordan was born on September 25th and weighed in at 8lbs 15 oz!  Shes a handful but a pretty happy baby.  If you had been keeping up with my website you’d know I wasn’t taking on new appointments for a a little while.  Now that Jordan is born I’m excited to be taking on new projects and clients again.

Also keep your eyes peeled because we have a huge announcement coming thats about Nautilus Tattoo!  Also to be kept even more update you can sign up for the Nautilus Tattoo newsletter here.


Summer Update


Hi everyone!  A lot of exciting things have been going on.  First I’ve finished some larger scale pieces and have been able to photograph them.  If you go to the Tattoo section you can check them out.  Secondly, there are some huge things going on, I can’t announce the news now, but keep I promise I’ll post about them as soon as I can.

Since there is some big things happening, I will be scaling back my tattooing for the next few weeks.  I won’t be taking on any new projects at this time.  For the time being I’ll be only working on in progress stuff.  I sincerely apologize about this.  If you would like I can either contact you when I’ll be taking on new stuff or one of the other artists at Nautilus Tattoo would be more than happy to get you in!

Thank You,

Stretch is live!

I’m happy to announce that my new website is finally launched.  We still have some small tweaks to workout but its done!  I would like to extend my greatest thanks to our web developer Ian Robinson.  He is the man behind the Nautilus Tattoo website as well.

I will be trying to be putting up new paintings, tattoos and other exciting news regularly so please check back every once and a while.

The first big news is the whole shop got to attend the Electric City Tattoo Convention this past weekend. I had a blast, got to make some new friends, see some old friends and got to do some fun tattoos. I would like to extend my greatest thanks to everyone over at The Electric City Tattoo Gallery for putting on such an awesome show. We look forward to attending next year as well!

Also above is a marker painting I did for an upcoming book called The Eight Arms of Inspiration put on by the  talented Jinxi Boo.  This book will feature art from many different mediums and 10% of the profits from book sales will go towards arts education and keeping creativity alive in schools, through an incredible charitable organization called that connects donors to classrooms in need.  So keep your eyes peeled on this site for the release date of this book.